We often find quotes we wish we could remember that others have said. Here is our top ten for 2016.

Let’s find truth in these.

1.Life is worth living, it is worth the challenge. ignore one or the other and one becomes a slave to it.

2. The Great Awakening is not just in your wild imagination, signs are in the heavens and on the earth of change. Change happens for a reason.

3.The Moment peace is forgotten ,is the same moment in time that war begins.

4.Liberty and freedom are priceless. How one attempts to put a price on them declares how shallow one’s mind can be.

5.A Gentle touch, a gentle voice shows wisdom. A loud voice with no reason proves nothing.

6.The Foundation of which we stand never should be on sand. Our foundation should be strong to overcome the challenges the winds bring.

7. Grace is the second greatest gift we can give another human. Forgiveness comes from the heart not by a demand of others but a command of the soul.

8.Our theme of life is not dictated by anger. Its theme like a movie should give credit where it is due.

9.The Greatest Mystery is one of your personal faith. This mystery reveals secrets, it reveals the inner workings of life, and hope.

10. It is fine to reach out for the stars because they shine down upon us. to reach the stars in our dreams become more of a solid reality when they do reach back.

Enjoy a moment of truth-