The Robert Christian show has a unique demographics table.

A recent update showed that Over all with 55% of our viewers are malelogo_footer - Copy

45% are Female


Our content does change from show to show, yet our fan base is growing. As you review our demographics there is more to it than what you see here.

We are in the process of getting our 2016 demographic’s data, however below shows you a short form and simple age and location bracket.



Ages              Percent Male                   Female

13-17            53%                                         47%

18-24           62%                                         38%

25-34          54%                                          41%

35-44           54%                                        46%

45-54           48%                                         52%

55-64           44%                                          56%

65+               48%                                         52%

Top US Cities are, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle,Dallas,Houston,and Miami.

In the United Kingdom , top cities London, and Leeds.

In Canada, Vancouver and Toronto

Australia -Sydney and Brisbane

Germany-not known in this sample.

Top countries where our shows are seen

United States, United Kingdom,Canada,Australia,Germany.

Some of our viewers watch the shows, or download podcast on Mobile Phones, Computers, tablets, Game console and via smart Televisions.