On Jan 20 2017 A day to Remember




Jan 20, 2017 is surely going to be a day to remember, to reflect on what was- and to look at what from we know is to come.

Yes, there are many people in the United states who are in extreme fear, anger and wondering stages.

The fact does remain that President Obama was by no means perfect. He would be one of a few President’s that would go down in history as one of the greatest of our life time.

Yet we focus on that which is to come and it is not pretty. We have all seen the spat and outlandish behavior during the Election cycle and political platforms. What America needed was thrown under the bus. What America needed to hear was spoken, and yes there was an “out” yet the Electoral college did not see it that way.

We surely are going to see a much worse off America than before. With the Ultra wealthy in control it is going to leave out many.

Those who did vote for your chosen leader, we really should look at the message that was and still is on that platform plank today.

America seems to have lost it’s way and its power-when it had the lowest voter turn out in many years, and to see the spat and out right lies spoken during the campaign trails.

Who’s cool aid did America drink? Was it really up to the Electoral college to cast “your vote” for the President?

I do not know if you have heard but there has been a call to remove the Electoral college-because it is also thought that your vote does not account for much at all.

Do you believe that?

Do you believe that your vote for whom your choice is- really mattered?

Yes in fact-there are many questions that compass the entire issue and subject.

We must learn from our past and hope for a better future.

Time surely will tell the value system of the Political party in America. Let’s hope that Your dreams, your health, your financial status your family- are not affected by the drastic changes to come.

In my opinion, America is better than-.. This.