Our Democracy is not failing

those who are sworn to protect and defend it, is. 


Our Democracy in the United states is not failing it’s people. The constitution is not failing either. It is those who are sworn to defend and to protect such laws that are in fact causing a system failure.

We should worry about our freedoms, as they are slowly being withdrawn and our liberty to live in the land of the free and brave is under fire.

How can this be “Christian” to impose such hate and anger? The Values of freedom we have are being stretched out to the fullest extent they can be stretched. We are seeing lawmakers refusing to work and refusing to stand up for the American public the way they should. ¬†Often we wonder how is it possible for these same people to in fact be re elected over and over again. Are they bought off?

It is not a secret that these law makers are what is so wrong with America, and yet the only way to fix the problems is to finely rid congress and the Senate- and at this point the White house from people refusing to stand up for America, and it’s people. Rather than doing that, it seems they twiddle away at your and my rights and call it a day. Remove healthcare and replace it with a promise -with no plan.

Remove social net programs that help even the most needy and stock pile cash into the pockets of the ultra wealthy.

When is enough going to be enough here? We know that the law makers who take the oath of office have in fact failed Americans at least 99% of the time. While they have their tea party, and laugh about bills being passed on, or in this case the occupant of the white house signing everything, anything to look busy. This can not be allowed to keep going.

We the people should stand up for what is right, fair and just. If that means refusing to vote again in mid term elections for these people then so be it.

The value of our freedoms are as rich as the colors of our flag. Rich in hope, and justice for all. Yet it is these same ideas that America was founded upon that are in fact being walked all over.

Providing that America has enough money for war, for congress and the senate to have a blank check for what ever they desire , it leaves many Americans under the bus unless of course you are a congressmen or a senator, and in some cases major corporate donor’s who pay off these people to vote against you and your own ideas.

We should have leaders in these offices who do hear the voice of the people, and together work to find a solution to America’s issues. Leaders who take pride in working for the American public and who stand in unity with the voters. This however has not happened so far, and this surely is the problem.

How to solve it is another issue-