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Have We all been Hoodwinked into thinking this is right?

We surely are seeing some vile statements coming out of Washington DC these days, and massive unrest is waking up in America.

While Many in America were sleeping-our liberties once more inch by inch are being sold off- and taken out of the American political arena, or so it seems.

Today we are focused on many things in Our world. If it is not Trump, or his officers, if not the contempt to derail checks and balances , it is your freedom and mine that seem to be under attack.

We simply put can not allow this to keep going. America is far better than that.

The Lies told and the decet told by Trump and those around him are clear alarm bells going off yet It has come to our own attention that the reason why it is falling on def ears-is because people have forgotten to care about issues for the most part.

If the Whole voting mess back in November was done to Prevent HIllary Clinton we have not gone too far from those ideas. Stop HIllary because of her Emails, Stop Hillary

Question ” When you appear in court you swear to tell the truth. When you are sworn in as a President are you sworn in to tell the truth as you are in court?” Follow us on facebook for questions like this we post


because of Benghazi stop Hillary because of her speaking fees. All this to insure we have a Pu&&y grabbing, vile man now sitting in the ivory house.

Let me be the first to tell you that the Ivory house is cracking apart and what it once stood for is being sold down the river.

Let’s wake up here and understand this concept. It be right on target here or it be missing the boat. We want to open a dialogue on this issue. One that is full of ideas, views and opinions.

These are trying times, yet We have now the most dangerous vision for America’s future than ever before

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We must keep checks and balances in our quest for Truth and liberty! This attempt to prevent American and world Media outlets from understanding central truths and reporting on those is out of sync.

Let’s dive into this just a bit. The Media has been blamed and stated that it was “Fake news”, its Reporting skills are not the best or fake in it’s nature. It has been attacked by a man who is now in the center of the room thinking he and his words are the only true words and statements.

It is these News agencies that have fallen under not just attack on their jobs, but the reporters who have been cast aside as if their own truth finding missions are simply not real.

This is due to one Person who seems to not care about facts unless he himself brings up these “facts” or as funny as it sounds “Alternative Truths”.

So far-,Trump’s job Approval rating

Approve 39%

Disapprove 56%


Is America so frantically stupid to believe that? Is Americas smartest and wisest people asleep at the wheel on this one? Do any of our people really care? Someone quick think!

We are living in a society that is so divided that is for sure. It’s not just the Rich or Poor-Republican or Democrat. it is the Price for Democracy so laid the debate on this.

We know for a fact, Americas principals do not rest at the White House, With Congress or the Senate. It lives in each American. It lives in the Dream that unites us.

The Way it is, We are being forced to accept a lie-, rather than truth. We are in fact being attacked from the Inside-this time. This should stop. Attacking our very culture, freedom, hopes and visions. That is the grim reality of what is under attack. That is why we must stand up and voice our opinions. This is why we must stand on principal of Freedoms and protect our democracy from within.

It does appear that simple truth’s are not enough to wake people up or to allow them to see things as the really are. Many people focus on smaller off beat truth’s and try to live by those.

We know for a fact, Our nation was built on Ideas of hope, liberty and Freedom. It is no secret now that Our Congress, the Senate now the White house are all so out of touch with the American people it is mind blowing.

While we sit in slumber, while we nestle at night in Our homes, While Our Military is on the move, While many are homeless. The fabric of Our democracy has broken.

I Will not say our dream is Broken, but that what once held America to a higher standard suddenly has the bar lowered. Lower expectations, Lower approval ratings, Lower standard of Education. This is what people voted for.

Having said all that, We have not lost it all yet. I wonder, we all wonder what it will take for the majority of Americans to wake up. What will it take for people to begin to understand the values I am addressing. It is more than a simple statement here. It is more than an opinion. It is an outcry for hope in that which has held us together as a nation for years.

Our America is still worth fighting for, just as your dreams and goals are.

We are on the cusp of a disaster that can be avoided. It will require you and others just like you to wake up. See the truth in this. We are not hopeless but we are going to see the true mind set of Many.

We soon will see either a huge failure , or a huge beginning that will insure a stable America.

Is it up to you at the poll? That is an ageless question. Our vote counts for a moment yes. When our vote or our will is stepped on, shoved aside it then becomes void.

Let’s not sit back and see our freedoms bought and sold like the stock market.


Letter from the Editor

Hello! Id love to know your opinion on the Russian spy ship that is off America’s east coast. Do you think it is Russia’s way to taunt Trump?”



Well Hello, Hello. Deep question and you are right on target. As we have heard in the News about this Ship, no- its not ” Alternative facts” here but honest ones. The Idea that Russia is taunting America with sudden sightings of Ships-is a good point for sure. I think however that it in fact could be a ploy to see how far Russia and other countries can push Trump, and where is his breaking point. It right now is not clear. I further think that Nations should not be taunting as you say- Trump or America for that matter. Right now many world leaders just have little idea on how to deal with Trump or what to expect from him.

We do know this- Trump is being tested if not by other countries but prevented in some ways by our own constitution .- Great question!

Thanks for writing!