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March 23,2017Robert in the Studio







Why are Politicians giving tax breaks to the rich and calling it Healthcare?-


It has been Suggested that the replacement on the table for The Affordable healthcare law, is nothing more than a massive tax break for the rich, while offering little actual coverage for Americans dealing with health issues.

Where is America in all this? Where have red blooded Americans been hanging out? The disastrous plan on the table will surely be far worse than the Affordable Care act. Looking at the proposed changes will in fact give corporate ceo’s a much sweeter deal on taxes, higher premiums yearly and higher deductibles yearly for most all Americans.

We have heard of a two party system. Now we have seen a two tiered system. Politicians on one which gives the best of the best in Healthcare, 401K’s, tax breaks, and a job they hold with only one day per term are they “worried”. That is Election day for Congress and the Senate.

America is tired of Politicians voting against your and my healthcare as it it were a preventable idea to start  not a right to live  healthy. But there is a cause for that.

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American healthcare is at an all time high on expenses. Think for a Moment that over 600,000 American’s filed bankrupcy last year because of healthcare of which was not covered by plans.

In Review, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada , Norway, Sweeden, not one person filed bankrupcy due to healthcare cost.

Let’s look a moment at our National debt. The Republicans claim these “Entitlements” are draining the system. Yet they and democrats keep their healthcare coverage and laugh all the way to the bank

with tears of joy. Why shouldn’t they?

America can learn from other nations around the world, and we surely can see how and why their single payer system works. Even Trump himself has said that fact. Thus, American’s are getting into a health crisis while their incomes plummet and the cost of care goes through the roof.



A Working America is a healthy America


The American way of life and democracy is under such a microscope these days and yes it is making people quite angry. Not just the idea of democracy which that alone is a mouth full, however when you have raging angry men and women in Congress and in the Senate doing all they can to take apart the Affordable healthcare law just in spite of Our nations last President. Where is America? Why aren’t more American’s standing up?

The Fear-Train will say “vote for me, else you loose your healthcare” “vote for me, else you will never see incomes rise”. A point blank fear based platform. Where does healthcare fit into all this?

Let me show you. Let me open up your mind just a bit because everyone is affected.

If you are LGBT or not, if you are worth millions or if you are living below the poverty level everyone will be affected by this bait and switch. The ones however that will be laughing and rejoicing are the rich. Does that sound right?




-Robert Christian


Letter from the Editor


“Robert I can not thank you enough for standing up for the little guy. I am thrilled to be a fan! “

Reply ” We can not thank you enough for being a fan!. Our shows yet Progressive are left of center for a reason. It surely is people like you that make our day. There are so many right wing media out there but few that put to the challenge news in a real world way. We hope to live up to what you hope our show is and can be”