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The Right wing may have lost it’s voice


The Far Right wing shock jocks have come under fire both Bill O’reilly and Alex Jones.

Two major voices for the extreme right, and alt right as Bill goes off the air, and Alex being exposed.

We have all heard their names in news, and statement’s made on their shows which have caused an uproar even among their followers.

The Right wing is in fact not what it was back in November, as that alone is almost an understatement.



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The Right wing Republican minded media has it’s place in American media however to depend only on them for news, information and the like is a drastic mistake many make.

Yes, Media has many faces-and many have become so brainwashed by what they hear and see without challenging the news or who said it to begin with.

The Fabric of News media has so changed over the years. At One time, it was rare for a talk show host to jump out of their skin and say or do outlandish things, which was shocking. Today, we see this happens more and more.

One can’t say that left wing media is any better either to be fair. Let’s be honest here and say that It is our obligation to search the truth, look for the truth in media and surely listen openly to both sides.

This is no where near a debate, it is however an awakening that people are now having. This simply is not new, but it is shocking nonetheless for some of our favorite talk show host both right and left, to see and hear statement’s that divide.

It goes without saying that media is bios to their own agenda too often. The Ultimate challenge is when people do their homework and find out what the truth of it is.

Many times we hear news stories around here, and many times over I challenge them. Not just as a reporter of sort, News talk show host, but as a civilian wanting to know what the facts are on issues we face.

Surely not all news is good but not all news is bad either.

To Slant news based on Network, or the name of a talk show host that “might” cover it, we should all be looking deeper into the reality that main stream media has forgotten.

The Reality is, many right wing and alt right talk show host have spewed some awful things and so far have been allowed to keep going on these rants with few if any who challenge them in search for that single truth.

Why is that? Why is it that people hear these news casters and believe 100% of what is said because “their name” say’s it all.

It really does not.

On the right, Even Alex Jones was exposed recently in the news about his news. About his show and what is behind it.

The Truth is,  Alex has the right as Bill does- both to share their opinions freely. Where the red line in the sand is, does not depend on who they are. It depends on the listeners to those programs.

It is drawn in our own hearts. Without challenging them-, and without doing our own homework to find the single element of truth for that subject. That, is often over looked and not followed up on.

So who’s fault is it?

Based on our own understanding, it is “Our fault”. It is Our fault because we listen to at times a garbage heap talk format that offers nothing but personal opinion with no or little basis of facts. Slanted to preserve the right or left, slanted to appease to their own fan club.


If that isn’t enough



 We the People have a voice, and we have the ability to look things up and challenge even the best or worst of the news agencies out there.
We have a choice to either remain as we have done, and subscribe to each show’s host and get so angry about fake news. Then, when we are faced with fake news, too often it is passed off as realistic news with a shallow footprint.
This is the problem in Media. This can be fixed. This surely is the key of a dysfunctional nation. The Dysfunction comes when people believe 100% of what they are told, rather than finding the truth and expounding on it.
We have a choice to awaken from the sleep, or to be like sheep and believe everything.
Let’s not forget, This is not a right wing or a left wing issue. This is a realistic one.
Our hope is that you our own fans and viewers, podcast listeners and more- will find comfort in our shows we do here. Comfort to know that yes in fact we do fact check as much as we can. Often we do find fake news being splattered around, and it is hard to get people out of that mindset to believe it rather than the truth.


Within the community

We are not sure how many of you within the LGBT community find an extreme lack of support, business to business, goal to goal. A Support within the community is lacking extremely bad.

One bad example, One of our dear friends who has been on our live shows and podcast recently was denied singing at a Pride festival, not because of his fantastic voice, ability to sing or lack of a “big name in the spot light” rather because he does not go in drag to preform in venues. This is outlandish.

Another bad example of how the lack of support works is this. News media in the LGBT community. Rarely step out of their box to work with others in Media, who share the same goals.

One is to wonder why this happens. If we are going to maintain a vibrant community, we must work together. We must see what can be done rather than ignoring it.

The Community is not a losing battle, nor are every business set up to be so rigid against others even in the same field.

We have celebrated together, we have mourned together. We have dreamed together, and yes We have comforted each other.

These actions and emotions should not just be when something is bad that affects all of us, but it should be a daily motivation to keep us all going.

The Problem is clear as a bell, now to find the solution. There are people we just do not like or care for in business, personal life and beyond. There are those out there that simply put want to cause as much riff as they can no matter who it hurts.

Why do we hurt our own? Why do we ignore their goals? At the end of the day, within the community at large we all can step up and do something. I think we can agree on that.

The Problem is what it is, because a careless idea that refuses to lend a hand. Does that sound right?

Surely we can see the problem as everyone can. We need a reason to celebrate diversity, a reason to stand up and help others. A reason to support Businesses that could use it. If we were to depend 100% on the community outlet’s we would simply never achieve the goals we share.

News media is cut throat as we all know. Yet, it too has become a battle for new writers, new talk show host, new things. Unless you are cute, young, and well let’s say spent time doing other things before landing that dream job.

A Name is surely everything in media and in life. There are some that do stand out to all of us within our community. That is fantastic, yet we need more of that. People in our community that stand up! Stand out! People that care.

I would be a fool to even think the community does not care, as I do know better than that. We need solid unity period. Period goes here.

The fact is, with Trump in the oval office plans have been disclosed in media that would roll back LGBT protections in the work place, and even marriage rights.

If we as a community can not or will not support each other, then I ask why should we be so concerned about what we could all end up without.

The Point is clear, the goal post has in fact moved down the court a bit further. We do not see outrage or public anger on those issues. As a community it appears that it is not standing on what Pride celebrations represent. The message, the theme, the goal. So who care’s if you do not dress in drag to sing a song. Who care’s if you do not fit a superficial mold presented. We think out of the box.


-Robert Christian


Letter from the Editor


“It has been a pleasure finding your shows and podcast! What guest and subjects do you have planned for the future?”

Reply ” It is a joy hearing from you for many reasons and thank you!. We have back to back guest until the first of July. Guest at times do change but for the moment we are not releasing information on guest who are booked. One hint though , you do not want to miss a beat. Lots of inspiring guest and shows are in fact on tap!”