Robert Christian’s Bio

             Robert began working in radio back in 1979 in Houston Texas. As a kid, he enjoyed radio more than television.

Often he would be found tucked away in his room with the radio going. He later began to take radio’s apart to “figure out how they worked”-and for him he more less was chosen to do what he still does today.meoutside

All though Radio has always been Roberts second nature, he has also dived into working in Television yet keeping his roots in Radio.

Robert has lived on the east and west coast of the united states, has visited Mexico and Canada.

Robert moved from Los Angeles back in 94′ to Seattle where he met his life partner Steve.

While Robert no longer travels as he once did, he is honored to say Washington is home.  During this time, He has written news articles for publication, been interviewed on a local CBS news channel, and working in Television.

These days, Robert enjoys an all new outlet which he has dedicated countless hours toward. Podcast and live shows.

As Robert calls it “A happy marriage between Radio and Television”-which it truly is.

Robert’s goals have always been “to be that man on the radio”, as a child that was a dream. Sounds a little funny but it worked.

Moreover , Robert has been compared in style of interviews to the likeness of Larry King, and a mix of Thom Hartmann.

Robert was born in Dallas Texas and has lived in many cities around the United States including, Houston, Nashville,New York,Los Angeles, San Francisco.

While he at one time traveled around the United states, he remains focused on his vision and goals at home.

Steve, Roberts life partner has been active in Robert’s quest and a supporter of the Robert Christian show for a long time now.

Both together enjoy time away from it all, cooking, enjoying a good laugh, and helping others.

Together they make a powerful loving couple.