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Robert in the Studio
Robert Christian

We offer vibrant deals on sponsoring our podcast.


This page will give you details and how it works.



The Robert Christian show-

We welcome businesses like yours to become sponsors of our podcast and live shows.

We offer 15 second pre show- ad reads that you can provide to us, or we can write for you- or mid roll (mid show) ad reads.

Prices are as follows

As of July 2017 * Prices will change in December 2017

> 499.00 for a full year (52 ad reads) and Banner placement on our website-

>199.00 for six months Ad reads with no banner placement or product placement on our website.

Or for a one time only

>39.00 for one ad read.

Businesses like exposure right? We will expose your brand though our social networks and ad reads and- banner space to over 20,000 potential customers

A Professional ad read on our show

Featured spot on our sponsors page

And Featured spot on the show notes

This is a fantastic idea! ¬†We believe our shows are powerpoint shows, cutting edge and across the board. Join with us and let us promote your own brand and business. Contact us today and let’s get started!