Sponsoring the Robert Christian show©  is easy and cost effective

The Robert Christian show is a proven leader in News-talk format with guest that are some of the best in their business. From Actors, to Reality Show host and stars, to People from all walks of life.

By Sponsoring the Robert Christian show we provide below average rates, yet offer fantastic deals.

specialdiscount Industry standard is one 15 second Pre Roll ad read, and one add read at the mid mark on each segment. Imagine, that means a total of Four ad reads your business can get each week not including repeat shows .

To Make the deal a sweet heart of a deal, We give special rates for those wishing to sponsor the Robert Christian show for a term of Three months or longer.

Let’s look at this!

Podcasting works for many reasons. Unlike listening to a radio show on your car radio, a Podcast can go where ever you go. It’s simple yet amazing in it’s power!

We will be glad to look at your company, or group for our shows and work with you the best way we can.

Our rates for three months begin as low as  $25.00 per week

We love long term sponsors too! If you have a moment do contact us. We are willing to work with you and your needs.

Let’s work together!

Use the Contact us page and inquire about this fantastic idea, and new media format. Podcasting works well as millions of people daily download podcast around the world and some even where you live.

Podcasting structure has proven to be a fantastic and solid lead earner for many businesses just like yours.