You are the ultimate professional – calm, amiable yet unafraid to ask challenging questions.   You are certainly fearless in your choice of guests (Westborough Baptist Church comes to mind here) and are a strong advocate and supporter of the LGBT Community not only in the US but I would say globally also.  You offer the voiceless a safe place to find their voice.   Your compassion and intelligence always puts nervous guests at ease.


I thoroughly enjoyed being a guest on the October 2013 show with you and Simon – and I think it’s almost time for an encore

-Willow Andersson

“Appearing on the Robert Christian show is like having a friendly chat with your family”

Elaine Elizabeth Presley

As an author I have enjoyed my time on the Robert Christian Show, sharing my book with the radio audience was amazing. Robert is a great guy for giving young authors like me a chance to shine!

The Robert Christian show is an amazing show with an amazing host .Robert made me very happy when he had Dan Dotson from Storage Wars on his show; he read a comment from Facebook that I wrote for Dan and I got a shoutout from Dan on his show .It made me a very happy fan .Robert is the most awesome talk show host and I would 100% reccomend his show to anyone who likes talk shows From Jane Chapman Cleveland Ohio

“Robert is a brilliant interviewer. He is knowledgeable and informed in profound and insightful ways. He is well informed about a variety of many significant subjects and asks the probing questions past the superficial surface of information and knowledge. He asks the tough questions that go beyond the ordinary to find their deeper meaning and answers . His program is a blessing to those seeking information and answers.  I had a fun time appearing on his program!  Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT”